Kylae | Orthopedic Shoes For Women

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Hyperstretch and softest knitted upper, feels like gloves!

Made of high-quality, stretchy and soft knitted materialthat fits tailor-made and feels like a glove.It offers great freedom of movement, allowing your feet to move naturally and freely, helping to minimize the risk of leg and foot fatigue. 

Regardless of the shape of your feet,Kylae mittens fit all foot widths and ensure that your feet are always well-groomed!

You can say goodbye to leg and leg pain!

After thorough research and data analysis, VIVAIA found that most sharp-toed shoes have no room for the big toe and fourth toe.So we increased the angle of the toes by 5° to fit the toesperfectly, which also helps with the leggings. With the help of Kylae, we have managed to create flat shoes that not only feel comfortable but also offer first-class comfort.

Double arch support for all-round supported walking.

One of the most important features of Kylae is the unique insole, which provides excellent arch support. 

The insole ismade of dense foamand its shape adapts to the natural curve of the foot. Thus, body weight is evenly distributed throughout the leg, which reduces pressure on the arch and provides support and comfort throughout the day.

Pressure-relieving insole that provides optimal comfort and support every step of the way.

The insole ismade of advanced memory foamwith a special diamond pattern that adapts to the natural contours of the foot and provides customized cushioning and support. This helps distribute body weight evenly throughout the shoe and reduces pressure on the feet, which can relieve pain and discomfort.

Excellent light comfort barefoot!

When you wear a shoe, it feels like you're walking barefoot, and your feet can move and flex naturally. This is important because it helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, especially if you are on your feet for a long time.

The enhanced, lightweightEVA V-patternedoutsole offers better grip and stability, making it a good choice for slippery or uneven surfaces such as wet sidewalks, gravel paths or lawns.

The anti-slip features of the Kylae outsole give you peace of mind and comfort knowing that you canwalk steadily and without slipping. This is especially important for people who are prone to slips and falls, as it helps reduce the risk of injury.

Thicker outsole for increased grip and optimized shock absorption.

The outsole ismade of lightweight and flexible materialwith a height of about15 mm, which promotes the natural movement of the feet and reduces fatigue. The non-slip design also improves grip and stability, so the shoe is versatile and can be worn on different surfaces and in different weather conditions.


EUR Size 35 =  US Size 5       =      Foot Length 22.1-22.5cm 

EUR Size 36 =  US Size 5.5    =      Foot Length 22.6- 23.0cm
 EUR Size 37 =  US Size 6       =      Foot Length 23.1- 23.5cm
 EUR Size 38 =  US Size 6.5    =      Foot Length 23.6- 24.0cm
 EUR Size 39 =  US Size 7       =      Foot Length 24.1- 24.5cm
 EUR Size 40 =  US Size 7.5    =      Foot Length 24.6- 25.0cm
 EUR Size 41 =  US Size 8       =      Foot Length 25.1- 25.5cm
 EUR Size 42 =  US Size 8.5    =      Foot Length 25.6- 26.0cm
 EUR Size 43 =  US Size 9       =      Foot Length 26.1- 26.5cm