Volt | 4 in 1 USB Power Adapter Fast Charger

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Volt | 4 in 1 USB Power Adapter Fast Charger 


1. Dual USB Ports and Telescopic Cable Interface:Our car fast charger features dual USB ports and an expandable cable interface, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. This feature ensures that you can keep your devices powered up while on the go.

2. PD Fast Charging Protocol:Our USB charger socket supports the PD (Power Delivery) fast charging protocol, providing a powerful output of up to 88W, three times faster than regular chargers. This feature ensures that you can quickly charge your devices in a short amount of time.

3. Flexible and Extendable Design:Our car power adapter is designed with a flexible and extendable data cable that can reach up to 800mm. This feature allows users to adjust the length of the cable to meet their needs, ensuring comfortable device usage while charging.

4. Adjustable Orientation:Our cigarette lighter adapter has an adjustable orientation, making it easy to connect your device from any angle. This feature guarantees that users can easily and flexibly use the charger, no matter the positioning.

5. Digital Display:Our ,power outlet is equipped with a digital display screen that provides real-time monitoring of the battery voltage. This feature ensures that users can monitor the voltage of their vehicle's battery, providing peace of mind and protecting their beloved cars. Our fast charging power socket comes with a cigarette lighter interface, making it compatible with most mainstream car models. This ensures wide compatibility and allows users to use the charger with ease.


Item Type: Cables, Adapters & Sockets
Out Power: 66W+20W Max 86W
Model Name: Car Fast Charger
Item Size: 139x65x34.5mm/5.47×2.56×1.36inch
Item Weight: 180 g
Material Type: ABS+PC
Style: IOS+Type-C/ DUAL Type-C
Display voltage: DC 10-30V
Input voltage: DC12-24V
Type-C: 5V/2A , 9V/2A , 12V/1.5A (Max66W)
Apple: 5V/2.4A (Max12W)
USB: 5V/2.4A (Max20W)
Type-C female: 5V/3A (Max20W)
Charging cable retractable length: 800mm+/-30mm
Fast charging compatible protocol: support PD fast charging / QC3.0 / Huawei FCP fast charging / Samsung AFC / MTK / millet fast charging / and other mainstream fast charging protocols